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We follow a custom 10-step work flow

By merging aesthetic design with reliable work flows, we'll help you achieve your goals

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We follow a custom
10-step work flow

By merging aesthetic design with reliable
work flows, we'll help you achieve your goals


30 - 60 Mins


The “get to know each other” stage. We believe that personal impressions play a huge role in trust. Following the completion of our brief form, we’ll organise a discovery workshop either in-person, over the phone, or virtually, to discuss your brand goals, determine your needs, and identify solutions to your business problems.


1 - 3 Days


We keep our standards high and our focus narrow, limiting the amount of clients we work with simultaneously to provide amazing service to you. After our introductions, we’ll take some time to research and evaluate your specifications and requirements to make sure we’re a good fit for your project.


1 Days


Once we’re happy to work alongside your brand, and you’re happy to move forward with us of course, we’ll give you a project outline detailing process we’ll undergo in order to meet your project goals, what deliverables will be provided, and how much the project will cost. If approved, we’ll charge a deposit and get things moving!


1 - 2 Weeks


We have an important emphasis on the level of research and analysis we put into your project, it helps us to ensure we exceed your expectations. During this time we’ll get to understand you and your business a little deeper, learning about your industry, target audience, brand competitors and potential opportunities.


1 - 2 Weeks


Having gathered sufficient additional information about your business, we’ll start to build the foundations to the actual visuals and design solutions for your project using our research. We’ll determine potential design directions and stylistic developments and present these concepts to you for approval before refining them further.


2 - 4 Weeks


This is where the real fun begins. With concept design directions approved, we continue to create your core branding based off of the ideation phase, including logos, print assets, digital assets, web design, and any other design requirements that you specified for your project in order to reach your end goals.


3 - 5 Days


Following the completion of all your project assets and requirements, you’ll be given ample time to give feedback on the final deliverables to make sure you’re happy with them. We’ll take any feedback from you and your team during this period to refine the final design assets to ensure we haven’t missed the mark.


1 Day


At this stage, once all final deliverables have been approved on your end, we’ll charge the remainder of your project cost. We’ll then format and render all the relevant design materials and project files to your desired specifications, making sure they’re perfect and that you have all the tools necessary for the launch of your project.


4 Weeks


For most, the project stops there. Not with us. We remain on hand for up to 4 weeks to provide additional brand support, onboarding, and minor revisions as necessary, all covered in your initial project fee. Realised you forgot something important? Need something edited or changed last minute? We’ll be here!


20 Mins


We love to hear how you think we did! Did we meet your project goals and requirements? Were all deliverables up to scratch? Did we provide sufficient support and assistance? If you'd like, we’ll provide you with a feedback form as a final step of the process, in order to improve our services and standards for the future.


Got a question not answered here?
How long does the project take?
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Projects with larger scopes will follow the above 10-step process and can take a few weeks to reach the delivery stage.

Smaller projects can take significantly less time and forego the need for certain steps of the process, especially if your order only consists of a few deliverables.

The best way to know is to get in touch with us!

How much will my project cost?
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There's a lot of factors that go into how much a project ends up costing, but our prices are always standardised so you know you're paying a fair price.

Factors include the scope, requirements, industry, business size, and what stage of your brand process we jump in at.

Most typical projects with a larger scope will fall anywhere between the €2000 - €5000 range. The best way to know for sure is to get in touch with us!

Why do you charge this much?
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For most businesses, excellent branding and design solutions are an investment. The more you are willing to invest into your brand, the more it will pay off in the long run.

We've been doing this for years. We know how much your business is worth to you, and we know how much our standards are worth to us.

Do you accept smaller projects?
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Sometimes! It can depend on the requirements and how booked up we currently are.

We typically only accept projects at a minimum cost of €699 (this is how much our SMB base branding package costs for smaller projects).

If you think your project will cost less than this, still reach out to us! We may be able to help within your budget, or we can at least point you in the right direction.

When do I pay?
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The first couple steps in our process are completely free. It wouldn't be fair to charge you while we're getting to know you and your brand.

Once we've made sure that we're a good fit to complete your project, we'll send you a proposal document, outlining the specific steps we'll follow for your order, what deliverables will be included, and an estimated timeframe.

This proposal will also include the finalised cost for your project. Once you approve the proposal, we typically charge a deposit of between 30% - 50% depending on the scope, and we get started!

What if I don't like the concept designs?
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This is why we invest sufficient time into the strategy and ideation phases of our process. These stages help to ensure we understand your needs and desires, and that we exceed your expectations.

In the (unlikely) event that you don't like the ideation concepts, we offer plenty of time for revisions and refining until you're happy.

Additional revisions outside of the project scope will be charged hourly.

I have designs already, can you work with them?
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Yes! We can jump in at any stage of the process.

Whether you have no ideas and a blank sheet of paper. Or if you have some previous design materials and assets that you want us to tweak and grow. Or you've got your branding solidified and need a few extra design solutions.

We can help at any point in your brand growth.

What's the point in filling out the brief form?
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The brief form gives us the best chance at understanding the scope and needs of your project early on.

Sending a detailed brief form can help us to evaluate whether we're the right fit for your project.

Am I guaranteed to have a successful launch?
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We do our best to design at a professional standard and supply you with all the tools necessary to have a successful brand launch. We offer our Support stage in the process to help with this deployment and launch.

A lot of things go into having a solid brand launch, and you'll need to combine your new designs with a solid launch strategy and great marketing to have the best chance of success.